CreateOraIntervalDS Method

Applies To

OraSession Object


Creates the OraIntervalDS object. This OraIntervalDS represents an Oracle INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND data type.


Set OraIntervalDSObj = OraSession.CreateOraIntervalDS value


The arguments for the method are:

Arguments Description
[in] value A Variant of type String, a numeric value, an OraIntervalDS, or an OraNumber object.

Return Values

OraIntervalDS Object


An OraSession object must be created before an OraIntervalDS object can be created.

If value is a Variant of type String, it must be in the following format: [+/-] Day HH:MI:SSxFF.

If value is a numeric value, the value provided should represent the total number of days that the constructed OraIntervalDS represents.

A Variant of type OraIntervalDS can also be passed. A cloned OraIntervalDS is returned.


Dim oraIDS as OraIntervalDS 
Dim oraIDS2 as OraIntervalDS 
Dim oraNum  as OraNumber 
'Create an OraIntervalDS using a string which represents 1 days, 2 hours, 
'3 minutes, 4 seconds and 500000 nanoseconds 
Set oraIDS = oo4oSession.CreateOraIntervalDS("1 2:3:4.005") 
'Create an OraIntervalDS using a numeric value which represents
'1 days and 12 hours 
Set oraIDS = oo4oSession.CreateOraIntervalDS(1.5) 
'Create an OraIntervalDS using an OraIntervalDS 
Set oraIDS2 = oo4oSession.CreateOraIntervalDS(oraIDS)