OraServer Object


The OraServer interface represents a physical network connection to an Oracle database.


The OraServer interface exposes the connection multiplexing feature provided in the Oracle Call Interface. After an OraServer object is created, multiple user sessions (OraDatabase) can be attached to it by invoking the OpenDatabase method. This feature is particularly useful for application components, such as Internet Information Server (IIS), that use Oracle Objects for OLE in n-tier distributed environments. The use of connection multiplexing when accessing Oracle databases with a large number of user sessions active can help reduce server processing and resource requirements while improving the database scalability.

As illustrated in Figure 9-1, the OraServer interface contains a connection to an Oracle database and provides a method (OpenDatabase) for creating user sessions (OraDatabase objects) on the database connection it contains.

Figure 9-1 OraServer to Oracle Database Relationship

Connection from the OraServer to the Oracle Server
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