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Files Automatically Backed Up on Windows Operating Systems

The installer automatically backs up the Windows files that are listed in Table 3. Oracle BI Infrastructure has two top-level directories: $OracleBI_HOME, the root install directory, and $OracleBIData_HOME, the root install directory for Oracle BI data.

Typically, these directories are in the same parent directory; for example, D:\OracleBI\OracleBI is $OracleBI_HOME and D:\OracleBI\OracleBIData is $OracleBIData_HOME. The backup files are saved to the one of two directories, $OracleBI_HOME or $OracleBIData_HOME.

Table 3. Locations of Siebel Analytics Configuration Files and Folders Backed Up Under Windows
File or Folder Name
Oracle BI Location Copied To

\SiebelAnalyticsData\Web\Catalog\Deliveries folder

Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services machine

DBFeatures.INI file


NQClusterConfig.INI file


NQSConfig.INI file


Repository (.rpd) file

$OracleBI_HOME\server\Repository (.rpd files)

instanceconfig.xml file


Web Catalog directory


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