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Choosing Oracle BI Installer Options

This task is part of the Process of Installing the Complete Oracle BI Infrastructure. The Oracle Business Intelligence installer can be used to install more than one type of Oracle BI component. The installation type depends on the number of components you are installing.

  • Table 3 shows the Oracle BI components that are installed with each installation option.
  • See also the topic Additional Oracle BI Components, which describes the ancillary programs that maybe useful in your deployment of Oracle Business Intelligence.

For the purpose of this guide, it is assumed you are installing the complete suite of Oracle BI components. However, you can install one or more individual components without installing the entire suite. For example, if you are deploying with clustered servers, you can install only a specific server or server tool to that machine, or install only the ODBC client installation.

Installing Individual Oracle BI Components discusses partial or incremental component installations, including the following topics:

NOTE:  The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Deployment Guide covers the installation of components on clustered machines.

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