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Sales Analytics Security Settings

Siebel Sales Analytics defaults to the following data-level visibility for certain responsibilities, as shown in Table 19.

Responsibilities and Data-Level Visibility in Siebel Analytics Applications

The visibility restrictions imposed vary by responsibility and by logical subject area.

For a description of data-level security, see Integrated Security for Responsibilities and Groups in Siebel Analytics Applications and Security Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Table 19.  Siebel Sales Analytics Default Data-Level Visibility
Subject Area
Default Visibility
VP of Sales Analytics
No data-level security is imposed.
Sales Manager Analytics
Field Sales Representative Analytics
In addition to the Order, Opportunity, and Forecast dimensions, primary position data-level security is imposed on all facts. This means that these subject areas are visible to the user only for data owned by the user (or the user's subordinates).
Sales Manager Analytics
Field Sales Representative Analytics
Primary position data-level security is imposed on:
  • Order dimension
  • Opportunity dimension
  • Account dimension
  • Opportunity Revenue, Expected Revenue, and Closed Revenue metrics
  • Number of Orders
    Line Item Order Revenue (000)
    Line Item Shipped Revenue (000)
    Order Item Revenue
    Rollup Total Order Revenue (000)
    Rollup Average Order Size
    Total Order Revenue
    Total Order Revenue (000)
    Total Shipped Revenue
    Total Shipped Revenue (000) metrics
TeleMarketing Manager
TeleMarketing Representative
No specific data-level security.
TeleSales Representative
Direct Order Entry Agent
No specific data-level security.
However, the primary-position security used for Sales Managers and Representatives can be used for the TeleSales Representative and Direct Order Entry Agent responsibilities as well.
Note that the security model for the TeleMarketing Representative and Manager responsibilities must differ from that used for Sales Managers and Representatives. The security model is based on the CREATED_BY column in the Opportunity data model and not on the primary owner of the opportunity.
To extend these data-level visibility restrictions to other metrics and dimensions, refer to Table 18 and use the metrics and dimensions in Table 19 as examples.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004