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Financial Services Security Settings

Siebel eFinance Analytics, eInsurance Analytics, and eHealthcare Analytics apply the Siebel eBusiness Applications security model. That is, they use Siebel eBusiness Applications responsibilities (and corresponding repository and Web Catalog groups) for controlling access to Siebel eBusiness Applications objects (both metadata and Web catalog objects). This security model is described in Integrated Security for Responsibilities and Groups in Siebel Analytics Applications.

In addition to responsibilities provided by the Siebel eBusiness Applications, Siebel eFinance Analytics, eInsurance Analytics, and eHealthcare Analytics provide additional responsibilities, and responsibility-specific security, as indicated in Table 28.

For the Financial Services products mentioned, the Siebel eBusiness Applications security model has been extended:

For example, when you give a user all horizontal Sales responsibilities and also include the finance responsibility called Finance Analytics User, this user will be able to see all horizontal sales objects (Dashboards, Subject Areas, folders in the presentation Layer, and so on) and in addition, all finance-specific Sales objects. Similarly, in order to see Insurance and Healthcare-specific objects, you need to add the Insurance Analytics User responsibility to this user.

Because Siebel Analytics supports hierarchies in the groups in the repository, there are certain groups within the Analytics repository that are parent groups that define the behavior of all the child groups.

Inheritance is used to let permissions ripple through to child groups. The parent groups for Financial Services and their purpose are shown in Table 28.

NOTE:  A Financial Services Analytics user is provided as a child to both Finance and Insurance. Therefore this user has permissions available to both Finance and Insurance. If you have purchased both Finance Analytics and Insurance Analytics, you should use the Financial Services Analytics user responsibilities to view all relevant dashboards.

Table 28.  FS Responsibility Required to View a FS Dashboard
FS Responsibilities
Finance Analytics User
Credit Card
Private Banking
Consumer Banking
Corporate and Commercial Banking
Investment Holdings
Separate Account Management
Wealth Management
Institutional Sales
Investment Banking
Finance Marketing
Finance Executive
Insurance Analytics User
Policy Sales
Policy Service
Insurance Marketing
Insurance Executive
Insurance Claims
Health Plan Sales
Health Plan Service
Health Plan Marketing
Health Plan Executive
Insurance Agents / Partners

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004