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Metadata Object Level Security (Repository Groups) in Siebel Analytics

Metadata object security is configured in the Analytics repository (SiebelAnalytics.rpd) using the Analytics Administration Tool. "Everyone" is denied access to each of the subject areas. Each subject area is configured to give explicit read access to selected related responsibilities. This access can be extended to table and column level.

NOTE:  In the shipped product, only permissions at the subject area level have been configured.

The exceptions to the explicit configuration rule are the Communications and Financial Analytics industry applications, where there are tables and columns specific to these two industries scattered throughout the general Siebel operational application subject areas. These industry-specific metadata objects are hidden from other groups.

Siebel Analytics supports hierarchies within the groups in the repository. In the Analytics repository there are certain groups that are parent groups, which define the behavior of all the child groups. Inheritance is used to let permissions ripple through to child groups. The parent groups and their purpose are shown in Table 17.

Table 17.  Repository Parent Groups
Parent Group
Permissions Inherited by:
All Financial applications groups
All Insurance applications groups
CM General
All Communications applications
Consumer Sector
Consumer Sector groups
Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals applications groups
Channel Managers
All eChannel applications groups
Partner Managers
All Partner application groups

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004