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Web Catalog Security in Siebel Analytics Applications

Security on the Web Catalog has been preconfigured for the groups listed in Table 17 for each application. To customize these groups, use the Analytics Web interface.

NOTE:  The group security applied is carefully controlled at the folder and subfolder level. It is recommended that only Siebel administrators configure the security settings.

Match permissions to dashboards in Analytics Web Catalog, with the permissions related to Siebel operational application views. In the integration environment, each Siebel Analytics-related Siebel operational application view maps to a given Siebel Analytics dashboard. In the Siebel operational application, views are controlled through responsibilities. However, in Siebel Analytics Web Catalog, access to dashboards for each group is controlled through Web Administration.

The two access setups must match. If users have access to a view in the Siebel operational application, but do not have access to the corresponding dashboard, then they will get an error message indicating that they do not have access to the dashboard. On the other hand, if users do not have access to a view that maps to a dashboard that the users do have access to, then the users will not be able to get to that dashboard through the Siebel operational application user interface.

Because responsibilities control access to Siebel views, they also control access to the Siebel Analytics dashboards of Siebel Analytics applications. However, for security reasons, Analytics dashboards themselves are specifically configured, regardless of the Siebel operational application view access. The view security for a responsibility should match that on the dashboard. If you get an Access Denied error when accessing Siebel Analytics through the Siebel operational application view, then you do not have access to an Analytics dashboard that should be accessible, or you have access to a Siebel view that should not be accessible. If you try to access a dashboard containing reports based on a subject area to which you do not have access, you would see a dashboard with no reports.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004