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Importing Locale Seed Data Into the Siebel Transactional Database

NOTE:  This procedure should be performed by a Siebel Applications Administrator.

To import Locale seed data into the Siebel transactional database

  1. Open a command window and navigate to SINSTALLDIR\SeedData\bin folder.
  2. Run the import command in Step 3 after replacing these connection parameters with the values appropriate to your database environment:
    • Import parameters:
      • UserName
      • Password
      • ODBCDataSource
      • DatabaseOwner
  3. Run the import command:

    $INSTALLDIR\SeedData\bin\dataimp /u $UserName /p $Password /c "$ODBCDataSource" /d $DatabaseOwner /f $INSTALLDIR\SeedData\<XX>\analytics_seed_<XXX>.dat /w y /q 100 /h Log /x f /i $INSTALLDIR\SeedData\<XX>\metadata_upgrade_<XXX>_<DBPlatform>.inp /l metadata_upgrade_<XXX>.log

    NOTE:  Replace the XX with the Siebel Analytics two-letter language code (_fr, _it) and the XXX with the Siebel Systems three-letter code (FRA, ITA).

  4. When you have finished importing the Locale seed data into the OLTP database, you must configure database connectivity to the machine on which the Siebel Analytics Server resides.

    Siebel Analytics Server uses the Siebel OLTP database in order to read the metadata translations. Configure the database connectivity on the Siebel Analytics Server machine to the OLTP database, so that the server can load the appropriate translations for the languages you are using.

    NOTE:  Unicode connectivity can be used to access databases that do not support Unicode.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004