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About Siebel Analytics Initialization Blocks

The SiebelAnalytics.rpd file uses initialization blocks that set dynamic session and repository variables within the Siebel Analytics Server. For more information about initialization blocks and variables, read Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide.

In general, initialization blocks do not have to be reconfigured if you are using one of the supported database platforms. For more information on how to add custom SQL for each database in the Initialization blocks and Select tables, read the database packaging support in Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide.

The SQL for the applications repository initialization blocks and all select tables have been set for the Siebel Analytics-supported database versions of:

You may have to change some of the initialization blocks if you do not use one of these supported databases.

Table 15 lists some of the initialization blocks common to all Siebel Analytics applications and their purposes. Initialization blocks that are specific to each Siebel Analytics applications area are not listed here. For example, the LAST_SYND_DATES block sets certain dates for Pharmaceutical Analytics and can be ignored by other applications that do not use syndicated data.

Table 15.  Initialization Blocks and Their Purposes
Initialization Block
Calculates user's responsibilities from the Siebel database.
Authenticates against the Siebel database and verifies the user exists as a Siebel eBusiness application user.
External Metadata Strings
Gets the translated value of metadata strings for the user's locale. This initialization block is critical to Analytics Dashboards in international deployment.
Sets the user's locale specification in the Siebel Analytics Server.
Login Properties
Gets user's login properties, such as full name, from the Siebel database. This initialization block also sets the logging level of the users. By default, the Analytics log level has been set to 0 for all users. If you wish to generate Analytics query logs for all users, this initilization block should be updated by changing the default value as well as the value in the initialization SQL.
Default System Language ID
Sets the variable OLTP_LANG_ID by querying the Siebel eBusiness application database.
Orgs for Org-based Security
Queries the Siebel eBusiness application database to get the organization membership for each user. It sets the variable ORGANIZATION.
Primary Owner ID
Sets the primary owner ID based on the user login ID.
Primary Position ID
Queries the Siebel eBusiness application database to set the variable PRIMARY_POSTN_ID.
Warehouse Refresh Date
Sets several time-based variables such as CURRENT_YEAR.
ETL Run Date
Retrieves the ETL run date.
ETL Default Currency
Retrieves the default currency.

You can view a list of initialization blocks and their strings. In Siebel Analytics Server Administration Tool, navigate to Manage > Variables > Initialization Blocks. Right-click any initialization block and select Properties to view information about that block. For more information, see Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004