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Installing the Siebel Analytics Disconnected Client

Siebel Disconnected Analytics Client allows mobile users to access data and reports when not connected to the network-based Siebel Analytics Server. You install the Siebel Disconnected Analytics Client on laptop computers.

NOTE:  Siebel Disconnected Analytics Client is not to be confused with the enterprise (Siebel Analytics Server) installation. See also the information on setting up Disconnected Analytics in Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide. For information about how mobile users typically use the Disconnected Analytics Client, see Disconnected Analytics Online Help.

When you run the Siebel Analytics installer wizard you are prompted to select the setup type. If you purchased Siebel Disconnected Analytics, the installer detects this from the license key information you select during installation and displays the Disconnected Client option.

CAUTION:  You cannot install the Disconnected Analytics Client at the same time as the rest of the Siebel Analytics components.
Also, you cannot install the Disconnected Client on the same machine with Siebel Analytics. You must install them on two separate machines.

To install the Siebel Analytics Disconnected Client

  1. Access the installation files, and run the program Setup.exe.
  2. The installation wizard window appears and prompts you through each screen. To continue to the next screen, click Next. If you need to return to a previous screen, click Back.
    Your Action
    Click Next.
    License Agreement
    Select "I accept ..." and click Next.
    License File
    The License file is an XML file corresponding to the installation type you are licensed for. This file is emailed to you, or installed on your corporate server.
    Select the appropriate XML file in the License File screen (for example, HorizontalDisc.xml). Click Next.
    Installation Directories
    To change the default installation drive (recommended), click browse and establish the installation path, then click Next.
    Setup Type
    Choose the option Disconnected Client. Click Next.
    Selection Error Message Language
    The error messages from the Siebel Analytics Server are in one language only. Typically, these are back-end server side messages only.
    The Siebel Analytics Administrator can choose which language to display these messages in. The default is English. Click Next.
    Placeholder screen appearing while the installer accepts all the choices you have made. Click Next.
    Summary Information (pre-installation)
    A list of the Disconnected Client components and the directory where they will be installed. Confirm that this information is correct. Click Next.
    Placeholder screen that appears while the installer installs all the features you have selected. Click Next when done.
    Summary Information (post-installation)
    Acknowledgement that the installation wizard has finished installing Siebel Analytics. Click Next.
    Restart Computer
    Choose whether or not to immediately restart your computer and click Finish.
    If you click Yes, the computer will shut down and restart.
    If you click No, you will need to restart the computer before you use Siebel Analytics.

NOTE:  The standard Siebel Analytics Server installation must be on a network machine in order to work with Disconnected Analytics.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004