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Installing Briefing Book Reader

Siebel Analytics Briefing Book Reader is a Windows application that provides a means to save static and linked dashboard content for review offline. Users specify dashboard pages for immediate or scheduled download. Key reports and dashboards can be reviewed and evaluated while disconnected from the network.

The installation program for Briefing Book Reader is located on the Siebel Analytics Windows installation CD-ROM.

To install the Siebel Analytics Briefing Book Reader under Windows

  1. From the installation CD-ROM folder BriefingBookReader, or from the network location that contains the Briefing Book Reader files, run the program Win32Setup.exe.
  2. The installation wizard window appears and prompts you through each screen. To continue to the next screen, click Next. If you need to return to a previous screen, click Back.
    Your Action
    Click Next.
    License Agreement
    Select "I accept..." and click Next.
    Installation Directories
    To accept the default installation (to the C:\ drive), click Next.
    To change the default (recommended), click browse and establish the installation path, then click Next.
    License File
    The License file is an XML file corresponding to the installation type you are licensed for. This file is emailed to you, or installed on your corporate server.
    Select the appropriate XML file in the License File screen. Click Next.
    Summary Information (pre-installation)
    The directory where Briefing Book Reader will be installed is shown. Click Next.
    Placeholder screen that appears while the installer installs all the features you have selected. Click Next when done.
    Summary Information (post-installation)
    Acknowledgement that the installation wizard has finished installing Siebel Analytics Briefing Book Reader. Click Finish to exit the installation wizard.

For information on creating and using Briefing Books, see Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004