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About Order Management Analytics

Siebel Communications, Media and Energy (CME) makes use of order management functionality configured for CME. For Siebel CME Analytics to fully reflect the information collected by CME order management functionality, some extensions to the Siebel CME Analytics application may be required. This section explains these potential extensions.

NOTE:  For more information, see release notes documentation for Siebel Communication, Media and Energy Analytics, and Siebel Interactive Selling Suite Analytics.

Siebel Sales Orders include complex products and simple products.

Complex products are comprised of a series of products, related by a product hierarchy. The highest product in the hierarchy is the root product, and the lower level products are the child products. In complex products, revenue figures are summed and roll up to the root product using the ROLLUP_NET_PRI field. For a complex product, Siebel Analytics examines only the root product when computing revenue. Child products are disregarded because their revenue is already reflected in the root.

Simple products by nature include only a root product. Siebel Analytics examines this root product when computing revenue, and nothing more.

Siebel Communications, Media and Energy order management functionality supports products which have recurring charges over time (for example, $20 per month for 12 months), one-time charges (for example, one-time purchase price of equipment), and usage charges (for example, 15 cents per minute).

The revenue attributed to a product with recurring charges is valued by taking the product's net price and multiplying it by the number of months that product is anticipated to be active, as represented by the Number of Revenue Occurrences field. This field, contained in Quote Item and Order Item records, is contained in the Siebel Data Warehouse by the following fields:

In Siebel CME Analytics, revenue metrics do not automatically account for all recurring charges, and do not consider the NUM_OCCURRENCE fields. Instead, Siebel CME Analytics revenue metrics incorporate one-time charges, one-month's worth of recurring charges, and no usage charges. To incorporate the anticipated value of all recurring charges, the W_QUOTEITEM_F.NUM_OCCURRENCE and W_ORDERITEM_F.NUM_OCCURRENCE fields may need to be incorporated into revenue calculations made during the Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) process for order item and line item records.

Alternatively, these fields in the Siebel transactional database, representing the aggregated recurring and one-time product charges, may be used and incorporated into the ETL processes:

Each CME Order line item and Quote line item contains an Action Type of Add, Update, or Delete. Because Siebel Analytics only looks at root product line items, only the Action Types associated with the root product will be considered during analysis. Therefore, while all line items for a complex product may collectively include a combination of various Action Types, only the Action Type for the root product will be considered during analysis. This is of special importance if a filter or query criteria in analysis is based on the Action Type field, which it is for most Account Management and Revenue Management dashboard reports.

Similarly, each CME Order line item and Quote line item is associated with a product of a particular Price Type. Because Siebel Analytics considers root products only, only the Price Type associated with the root product is considered during analysis. Again, this is important if a filter or query criteria is based on Price Type. Such filter criteria apply to most Account Management and Revenue Management dashboard reports.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004