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Installing Siebel Analytics Web on Sun ONE Web Server (Solaris)

You need a user name and password in order to access the Sun ONE Web Server Administration Server. In addition, depending upon how Sun ONE is installed, you may also need root access. Refer to Sun ONE documentation for additional details.

To install Siebel Analytics Web on Sun ONE Web Server, you perform the following process:

Creating a New Virtual Server on Sun ONE

This is the first task in the process of installing Siebel Analytics Web on Sun ONE Web Server.

To create a new virtual server on Sun ONE

  1. Navigate to the Sun ONE Web Server Administration Server >Servers tab.
  2. Create a new virtual server. Assign the Server Name field a value that can be accessed through DNS.

    In most cases, the default value may be accepted. Change this value only if you are sure that the name you typed in is a valid name that can be translated to a network address through DNS.

    NOTE:  The Server Name field is also used to resolve paths to Siebel Analytics Web charts.

  3. In the Server Port field, assign the port number you wish the Web Server process to listen on.
  4. Assign the Server Identifier field a value that helps an administrator to identify the purpose of a particular virtual server.

Editing the web-apps.xml File on Sun ONE

When you create a new virtual server, the Sun ONE Web Server Administration Server creates a new directory for this server, typically named https-ServerIdentifier, where ServerIdentifier is the value you entered in the similarly named field when you created the virtual server. This directory contains an XML file named web-apps.xml. This file must be edited.

To edit the web-apps.xml file

  1. Locate the https-ServerIdentifier directory. For example:


  2. Locate the file web-apps.xml in the config subdirectory of your virtual server's directory (for example, /usr/local/iplanet6sp5/servers/https-saw/config/web-apps.xml).
  3. Add the line:

    <web-app uri="/analytics" dir="$INSTALLDIR/web/app"/>

    Replace $INSTALLDIR with the complete path to the Analytics installation directory.

    CAUTION:  Make sure that XML syntax is strictly followed when editing this file. Any XML syntax errors may result in your virtual server failing to start.

  4. If you started the virtual server at any point during the installation procedure, you must now stop it by using the administration console or the stop script present in your virtual server directory.

Testing the Sun ONE Web Server

After installing the Sun ONE Web Server, test the Siebel Analytics Web Server.

To test the Sun ONE Web Server installation

  1. Start the Siebel Analytics Web Server. (See Starting the Analytics Web Server on UNIX.)
  2. Start the Sun ONE virtual server process being used for Analytics Web.
  3. Open a Web browser and attempt to browse to the location where you have installed Analytics Web. In the example, the URL would be:

    http://<ServerName>:<port number>/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard

    Replace <ServerName> with the correct server name and <port number> with the appropriate port number.

    If you see a login page you have successfully installed Siebel Analytics Web.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004