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Troubleshooting the Siebel Analytics Installation on UNIX

This section details some common problems observed during installation and suggests possible solutions. To resolve the problem, look for it in the Symptom/Error Message column in Table 9.

Table 9.  Common Problems and Solutions During Installation
Symptom/Error Message
Diagnostic Steps/Cause
Charts do not appear.
Analytics Web is unable to communicate with Corda PopChart Image Server (PCIS).
  1. Make sure that PCIS is running.
  2. Make sure that the port value of PCS_Port in $INSTALLDIR/Corda51/config/server_config.txt is the same as the port number specified in the $INSTALLDIR/Data/web/config/instanceconfig.xml setting: WebConfig/ServerInstance/Charts/POP/ServerPrefix.
  3. Make sure that the Web or application server's name is valid and accessible from the user's browser.
Note that it is possible for Analytics Web and PCIS to run on separate machines, but for administrative as well as performance reasons, it is recommended that they be installed on the same machine.
Charts do not appear in Delivers and running iBots appear to hang.
PCIS has not been configured properly.
Make sure that you can see charts outside of Delivers; for example, in Answers or on other dashboards. If charts are otherwise visible, contact Siebel Technical Support.
When starting the Scheduler, you receive an error.
Set the DISPLAY variable for Scheduler.
For standard and k shells:

export DISPLAY=ip_address:0

For the C shell:

setenv DISPLAY=ip_address:0

No Login Screen - No Errors.
Incorrect configuration or incomplete shutdown/memory allocation.
  • Make sure that Web Server is running.
  • Make sure that the empty.htm file in the installed virtual directory can be accessed from a browser. If this fails, the virtual directory path is incorrectly defined.
  • Shutting down the server and Web Server usually requires that the script mwcleanup be executed prior to restarting.
No login Screen - Web Server errors.
Conflicting ports used
Make sure that the Analytics Web does not use the same port numbers as existing software (for example, accidentally picking the same port number as an existing Web Server).
No Login Screen - Analytics Server restarted.
Analytics Web lost connection to the Analytics Server
Ideally, Analytics Web should be shut down prior to the server, and restarted after the Siebel Analytics Server has been restarted.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004