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About LDAP and ADSI Authentication in Siebel Analytics

LDAP authentication uses Siebel Analytics session variables, which you define using the Administration Tool's Variable Manager. Session variables get their values when a user begins a session by logging on. Certain session variables, called system session variables, have special uses. The variable USER is a system variable that is used with LDAP authentication. Instead of storing user names and passwords in a Siebel Analytics Server repository, the Siebel Analytics Server passes the user's user name and password to an LDAP server for authentication. (For more information about session variables, the USER system variable, and the Variable Manager, see the appropriate topics in Analytics Server Administration Tool Online Help.)

In addition to basic user authentication, the LDAP server also provides Siebel Analytics Server with other information, such as the user display name (used by Siebel Analytics Web) and the name of any groups to which the user belongs. The LDAP server also provides the names of specific database catalogs or schemas to use for each user when querying data. This information is contained in LDAP variables, which get passed to Siebel Analytics session variables during the process of user authentication.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004