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XML Message Files for View Defaults

This section describes the XML message files to customize to override the view defaults distributed with Siebel Analytics Web.

NOTE:  For information about the core tasks required to customize XML message files, read Customizing the Siebel Analytics Web User Interface Using XML Message Files.

For Siebel Answers, the file answerstemplates.xml includes a message named kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElementsWrapper from within kuiAnswersReportPageEditorHead. This message includes two additional messages, kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElements, in which you can define default values, and kuiCriteriaDefaultViewElementsMask, in which masks are defined.

NOTE:  The mask XML message is protected and you cannot modify its contents.

The wrapper message adds the combined XML into a JavaScript variable, kuiDefaultViewElementsXML, that is used to apply the new default values.

For Siebel Intelligence Dashboards, the file dashboardtemplates.xml includes a message named kuiDashboardDefaultElementsWrapper that adds XML into a JavaScript variable named kuiDefaultDashboardElementsXML for use within the dashboard editor.

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