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Viewing the Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager Workspace

This section explains how to how to view items in the Analytics Catalog Manager workspace. It contains the following topics:

How the Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager Workspace Appears

Figure 1 shows how the Analytics Catalog Manager workspace appears after opening SiebelAnalytics.webcat and clicking the Web Catalog icon. (SiebelAnalytics.webcat is the Web Catalog distributed with Siebel Analytics applications.)

Figure 1. Analytics Catalog Manager Workspace
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To view the Web Catalog tree structure

  • Perform one of the following actions:
    • Double-click the Web Catalog icon.
    • Click a folder in the right pane.

About Folders in the Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager Workspace

The shared folder contains content that is shared among Analytics Web users. This includes the preconfigured dashboards and requests that are distributed with Siebel Analytics applications, and other items such as shared filters.

The system folder contains administrative elements of Siebel Analytics Web. Some of these elements are distributed with the product, and others are set up by the Siebel Analytics Web administrator, such as privileges.

The users folder contains content that Analytics Web users with the appropriate permissions have saved to their personal folders, such as individual requests.

About Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager Columns in the Workspace

The right pane of the Analytics Catalog Manager has four columns. One column, needing additional explanation, is described here.

Type. Identifies the type of item. Items that are identified as "unknown file" are generally internally-used items, and their type is not exposed in Analytics Catalog Manager.

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