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Configuration: Foreign JNDI Provider

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A foreign JNDI provider represents a JNDI tree that can reside outside of a WebLogic Server. This could be a JNDI tree in a different server environment or within an external Java program. By setting up a foreign JNDI provider you can lookup and use an object that exists outside of the WebLogic server environment with the same ease that you would use an object bound in your WebLogic server instance. Use this page to configure a foreign JNDI provider.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The user-specified name of this MBean instance.

This name is included as one of the key properties in the MBean's

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Initial Context Factory

The initial context factory to use to connect. This class name depends on the JNDI provider and the vendor that are being used. The value corresponds to the standard JNDI property, java.naming.factory.initial

MBean Attribute:

Provider URL

The foreign jndi provider url. This value corresponds to the standard JNDI property, java.naming.provider.url

MBean Attribute:


The remote server's user name.

MBean Attribute:


The remote server's user password.

MBean Attribute:


Any additional properties that must be set for the JNDI provider. These properties will be passed directly to the constructor for the JNDI provider's InitialContext class.

Note: This value must be filled in using a name=value<return>name=value format.

MBean Attribute:

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