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Web Service: Configuration: General

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Use this page to view the general configuration of this Web Service, such as the type of archive it is packaged in (WAR or EJB JAR), the file that contains the Web Service implementation, and so on.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Specifies the description of the Web Service.


The name of the Web Service.

Web Service Type

The Web Service Type (JAX-WS / JAX-RPC).

Implementation Type

The implementation type (Java class or stateless session EJB) of the Web Service.

Implementation Source

The implementation source (WAR or EJB JAR file) of the Web Service.

WSDL Publish File

Flag that specifies whether to publish the WSDL of the deployed Web Service for JAX-RPC Web Services.

Note that JAX-WS Web Services always publish the WSDL. Valid values include true or false. If set to true, then the server returns the WSDL upon request using the URL format: service_address?WSDL. If false, then the server returns a 404 code because the WSDL is not available. The WSDL file is defined by the <wsdl-file> element in the webservices.xml descriptor.

View Dynamic WSDL Enabled

Specifies whether to display dynamic WSDL with "?WSDL" in the query string of a http request.

This provides a mechanism to disable "?WSDL" so that the internal IP address of the server is not revealed in the service tag of the WSDL.

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