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SNMP Attribute Changes: Configuration

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Use this page to configure an attribute change, which generates a notification immediately after an attribute in a configuration MBean is changed in any way.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of this attribute change.

Each attribute change within a domain must have a unique name.

The name displays in the Administration Console, and if you use WebLogic Server command-line utilities or APIs, you use this name to identify the attribute change monitor.

After you create an attribute change, you cannot change its name. Instead, delete it and create a new one.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Monitored MBean Type

The MBean type that defines the attribute you want to monitor. Do not include the MBean suffix. For example, specify Server to monitor a ServerMBean.

WebLogic Server does not support using Attribute Change notifications to monitor run-time attributes. Runtime MBeans always include the word Runtime in their names. For example, the ServerRuntime MBean provides access to runtime attributes while the Server MBean provides access to configuration attributes. To monitor changes in an MBean that includes Runtime in its name, use a String Monitor, Gauge Monitor, or Counter Monitor.

MBean Attribute:

Monitored MBean Name

The name of the MBean instance that you want to monitor. If you leave the name undefined, WebLogic Server monitors all instances of the MBean type that you specify in Monitored MBean Type.

Do not enter the full JMX object name of the MBean instance. Instead, enter only the value that you provided when you created the instance. To create unique MBean object names, WebLogic Server encodes several name-value pairs into each object name. One of these pairs is Name=name, and this is the value that you enter for MBean Name. For example:

In the previous example, specify MedRecServer as the name of the MBean instance.

MBean Attribute:

User Entered MBean Name

The short name of an MBean instance. Requires you to select User Entered MBean Name in the Monitored MBean Name list.

Enter a name in this field if you want to monitor an MBean instance that is not currently active.

You provide the short name for an MBean when you create the associated resource.

Monitored Attribute Name

The name of the attribute that you want to monitor. This attribute must be in the WebLogic Server MIB.

MBean Attribute:

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