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What's New

Part I Introduction

1 Overview of Web Services Security and Administration

2 Understanding Web Services Security Concepts

3 Understanding Oracle WSM Policy Framework

4 Examining the Rearchitecture of Oracle WSM in Oracle Fusion Middleware

Part II Basic Administration

5 Deploying Web Services Applications

6 Administering Web Services

7 Managing Web Service Policies

8 Attaching Policies to Web Services

9 Configuring Policies

10 Testing Web Services

11 Monitoring the Performance of Web Services

Part III Advanced Administration

12 Advanced Administration

13 Creating Custom Assertions

14 Managing Horizontal Policy Migration

15 Diagnosing Problems

16 Oracle WSM 11g Interoperability

Part IV WebLogic Web Service Administration

17 Securing and Administering WebLogic Web Services

Part V Reference

A Web Service Security Standards

B Predefined Policies

C Predefined Assertion Templates

D Schema Reference for Predefined Assertions

E Schema Reference for Custom Assertions