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Oracle WebCenter Framework
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Integrate Content Using the JCR Standard

In today's IT deployments, structured and unstructured content is increasingly managed through content management systems. Integrating content from these systems usually requires custom coding against proprietary and complex APIs. In the past, creating new applications that leveraged these content systems has been costly and hard to maintain or upgrade.

Oracle WebCenter Framework leverages the Java Content Repository (JCR) standard and provides an easy alternative to purely coding against JCR APIs for achieving integration. Oracle WebCenter Framework hides the complexity of the JCR standard behind a generic framework, making integration a simple matter of dragging and dropping the relevant controls into your application, and binding them to the appropriate content data control. Adapters written in compliance with the JCR standard provide access to different backend content systems.

Oracle WebCenter provides JCR adapters to access Oracle Content Server, Oracle Portal, and the file system. Additionally, Oracle not only delivers a set of adapters for third party content systems (such as EMC Documentum, IBM Lotus Domino, and MS Sharepoint), but also supports third party adapters. If you have content that is stored in a proprietary content system (for example, digital media assets), you can create your own proprietary content adapter that leverages the JCR standard, and use it with Oracle WebCenter Framework.