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Oracle WebCenter Framework
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Oracle WebCenter Framework enables you to create federated portals, which include remotely distributed resources such as remote portlet pages. These remote resources are collected and brought together at runtime by a portal Web application, called a producer, to another portal Web application, called a consumer, which presents the federated portal to end users. Unlike a non-federated local portal, the individual remote parts of a federated portal can be maintained, updated, and released independently without redeploying the consumer portal in which they are surfaced. Using the JSF Portlet Bridge, any JSF artifact can be published to remote portal environments and be federated along with any traditional portlet.

Federated portals are: Producers and consumers are the basic parts of a federated portal. Both producers and consumers implement a Web services layer that enables them to communicate. This Web services layer allows producers to offer portlets to consumers on remote systems. Consumers bring these remote, distributed portlets together at runtime. The remote portlets themselves can be developed and maintained by different groups of people. If one remote portlet on a producer is changed, other portlets within a consumer that consumes the updated portlet are not typically affected. Furthermore, the look and feel of a remote portlet can be made to be consistent with the federated portal in which it resides. To end users of federated portals, the remote portlets are indistinguishable from local ones.