Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse User Guide

The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) is a set of plug-ins designed to support Java EE development, especially where Eclipse is your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


Key Features of the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse include:

Oracle WebLogic Server Support

Using OEPE, you can develop, deploy and debug Oracle WebLogic Server applications. Support for WebLogic Server development includes:

For details, see Feature Overview.

Oracle Database Support

OEPE's database support allows you to easily connect to, create, explore, and query Oracle databases. Support includes database visualization through the Data Source Explorer view and DDL generation.

For details see Getting Started With the Oracle Database Plugin for Eclipse.

JSF Facelets Tools

OEPE includes a JSF Facelets technology preview. Using Facelets, you develop JSF pages using XHTML instead of JSP.

See the JSF Facelets Wiki