JRockit Memory Leak Detector User Guide

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Help Us Improve JRockit

The Memory Leak Detector is designed to help you find memory leaks more easily and to better understand critical points of program engineering. It provides an easy way to capture information about object type allocation statistics.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve this tool or information on how it is most commonly used in your development environments, we would be grateful to receive your input. This information would contribute to our understanding on how to best further improve this tool in the future.

Please, send an email with feedback and your ideas on how to use it to:



How will BEA Systems Use This Feedback

The feedback will be considered by the development team designing the Memory Leak Detector. We will look at collected ideas and improve the tools of BEA JRockit to make them even easier to use. Our goal with the development of this tool is to simplify the difficult task of finding memory leaks and help developers work more efficiently.

BEA JRockit is already providing a lot of appreciated manageability tools and, to keep a close dialogue with developers using Java Runtime Environments, BEA Systems is always trying to find ways to improve BEA JRockit. This is one of the ways.


BEA JRockit Support for the Memory Leak Detector

Only more recent versions of BEA JRockit fully support the stand-alone Memory Leak Detector: BEA JRockit 1.4.2 (R26.2), BEA JRockit 5.0 sp1 and forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some questions we have frequently been asked about the Memory Leak Detector:

Does the Memory Leak Detector Cause Any Overhead?

In the trend analysis of the memory leak detection process, the data presented is continuously updated; however, the overhead during this phase is very small. Each garbage collection will take a bit longer. During the second and third phase the only overhead will be some additional garbage collections, which in most cases is negligible. Overall, there is practically no overhead and it should not affect the speed or results of your application.

Is There a Forum Where I can Discuss the Memory Leak Detector?

If you have any questions you are welcome to share them in the BEA JRockit general interest newsgroup, which is monitored by our engineering team. To access the newsgroup, go to:


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