Content Management SPI Development Guide

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Introduction to Content Management SPI

Content Management SPI FAQ

What is the CM SPI?

Why Write an SPI?

What are the Structures and Data Types that can be Exposed?

What is the Difference Between an SPI Implementation and a Repository?

Who Uses the SPI?

How is an SPI Implementation Packaged and Made Available to the VCR?

Where Does the SPI Implementation Run?

Architecture Overview of an SPI Implementation

What components are involved in the SPI?

What is the Relationship of the VCR Repository Construct and the WebLogic Portal Application?

What Authentication Models are Available?

How Does the VCR Interact With the SPI Implementation?

SPI Data Model

About the Content Management Data Model

Type Data Representation

Node Data Representation

SPI Capabilities and Versions

About SPI Capabilities

VCR Detection of the SPI Implementation Capabilities

SPI Interface Versions

SPI Implementation Creation

VCR SPI Implementation Interaction

Primary Classes for a Basic SPI Implementation

Repository Guidelines when Creating an SPI Implementation

Basic SPI Implementation

Basic SPI Repository Implementation Code Example

Basic SPI Ticket Implementation Code Example

Optional SPI Interfaces Implementation

Exposing an Optional SPI Interface

SPI Interface Result Collections, Sorting, and Filtering

Filtering and Sorting Results with the SPI

Common SPI Interface Objects for Sorting and Filtering

Interface Topics

NodeOpsV1 SPI Interface Topics

What Types of Operations are Supported by the NodeOpsV1 SPI Interface?

What Type of Hierarchical Paths are Passed To and From the SPI layer?

How Should the SPI Implementation Create Node Data Objects to be Returned?

How Should the SPI Implementation Create Property Data Objects to be Returned

What Should the SPI Implementation Do when Node Metadata is not Available?

How are the Node ID and Property ID related?

What Node Names are Valid?

Example – Creating a Node with no ObjectClass

Example – Creating a Node with an ObjectClass and Property Values

ObjectClassOpsV1 SPI Interface Topics

What are the Supported Operation Types?

How Should the SPI Implementation Create ObjectClass Objects?

SearchOpsV1 SPI Interface Topics

Indexing Content

How Is Content Indexed?

How Can an Event Listener Perform Content Indexing?

SPI Testing Topics

How to Configure a Repository for SPI Parameter and Response Data Checking

How to Monitor Repository and Ticket Method Invocations and Performance

How to Monitor SPI Operation Interface Method Invocations and Performance

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