Communities Guide

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Introduction to Communities


Community Examples

When to Use Communities

Managing Communities

Adding Community Security

Developing Community Features

Using the GroupSpace Template

Communities in the Portal Life Cycle





Getting Started


Related Guides

Part I Architecture

Determining Community Needs

Do You Need Communities?

Determining Which Type of Community to Create

Creating a GroupSpace Community

What’s Allowed


Creating a Custom Community

What’s Provided

Where to Go Next

Community Architecture

Community Concepts and Features

Community Templates

The .community File

The .ctmeta File

Community Membership


Community Tools



Community Context

Community User Context

Security: Capabilities vs. Roles



How a Community is Rendered

Planning and Designing Communities

Portal Web Project Facets

Planning Community Characteristics

Determining Security Needs

Creating Look & Feel Resources

Determining Content Needs

Determining Custom Community Property Needs

Part II Development

Developing Custom Communities

Creating a .community File

Converting Between .portal and .community Files

Creating a Community Template Meta File (.ctmeta)

Developing Community Registration

Developing a Multi-Purpose Community Error Page

Adding Oracle’s Collaboration Portlets to Custom Communities

Adding Community and Visitor Tools to a Community

Community Security

Guidelines for Working with Capabilities

Developing Callback Classes

Extending How Community Invitations Are Sent

Developing Community Notification

Using the Community Framework API

Using Tag Libraries in Your Community

Using the ActiveMenus Tag Library

Using the DragDrop Tag Library

Using the Dynamic Content Tag Library

Using the UserPicker Tag Library

Adding Interaction Management to Communities

Part III Staging

Setting up Community Infrastructure

Creating a Community Template

Community Properties Reference

Deploying Communities

Part IV Production

Creating and Managing Communities

Creating a Community

Activating a Community

Modifying and Deleting a Community Template

Modifying Community Properties

Creating Custom Community Properties

Setting Delegated Administration Rights on Community Resources

Setting Visitor Entitlements on Community Resources

Creating Localized Community Titles and Descriptions

Deactivating or Deleting a Community

Deactivating a Community

Deleting a Community

Accessing Multiple GroupSpace Communities

Managing Community Members

Modifying Member Capabilities

Removing Members from Communities

Propagating Communities

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