Developer’s Quick Start Guide

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Preparing and Creating Your Workspace

Setting Up Your Workspace and Project Directories

Creating a Workspace

Creating New Portal Projects

Creating Your EAR Project

Creating Your WAR Project

Datasync Project

Utility Projects

EJB Projects

Using Source Control

Team Plug-ins

Manual Source Control

Starting from an Existing Project

Check Out Projects from Source Control

Importing Existing Projects

Creating a Domain and Server

Creating a Server

Domain Configuration Wizard

Running and Debugging an Application

Starting the Server

Deploying or Debugging the Application

Sharing Configuration Objects

Strategies for Sharing

Portal Web Application Organization

Directory Structure

Portal Organization

Support Proxy Caching

Plan for Upgrading WebLogic Portal

Developer Productivity

Use the Team Plug-in

Use JRockit

Run Without Debug when Possible

Make Sure You Have Enough Heap

Prefer Quicker Redeploys

Some Resources Do Not Need to Redeploy

Web Applications Redeploy Faster than their Enclosing EARs

EJB Projects in a Sub-classloader Deploy Faster

Server Memory and Other Settings

Start-up Scripts


Memory Settings


Other Java Options



Using the nodebug Argument

More Complex Settings

Application Location

Split-source Directories

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