Integrating Search

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Introducing Search

Search in the Portal Life Cycle

Architecture Phase

Development Phase

Staging Phase

Production Phase

Getting Started

Locating the Autonomy Product

Licensing Autonomy Modules

Determining the Number of CPUs for Your Search Needs

Choosing an Operating System

System Requirements

Upgrading and Getting Support

Disabling Search/ Search Indexing

Autonomy Documentation

Architectural Considerations for Search

Understanding How Search is Implemented

Deciding What Information to Index

Maximum Amount of Indexed Content

Architectural Recommendations

Choosing an Operating System

Multi-language Searching and Indexing

One Language per Autonomy Server

One Language per Repository

Mixing Languages Within a Repository

Configuring Automatic Language Detection

Creating Queries

Query Text in Same Language and Any Encoding

Query Text in Same Language with Specific Encoding

Query Text in Another Language and Encoding

Query Across All Languages

Query Multiple Specific Languages

Enterprise Search for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files in Multibyte Languages

Settings in omnislave.cfg

Settings in AutonomyIDOLServer.cfg

GroupSpace Encoding

Metadata Searching


Searching for Metadata in Published Content


The Search Object



Searching for Metadata in Versioned Content

Specific Properties for Versions


Supported Attributes


Using Search in Production

Using the Autonomy Service Dashboard

Re-Indexing WLP Repository Content

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