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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Oracle CEP Documentation Set

Guide to This Document

Samples for the Oracle CEP Application Developer

Overview of Visualizer

Overview of Visualizer

Who Uses Visualizer?

Navigational Overview of Visualizer

Overview of the Visualizer Dashboard

The com.bea.wlevs.dataservices Application

Overview of the Viewstream Panel

Using Visualizer to Update Configuration Data

How to Invoke and Start Using Visualizer

Using Visualizer With a Multi-Server Domain

Updating User Preferences

Typical Application Tasks

Monitoring the Throughput and Latency of a Stage or Path in the EPN

Changing the EPL Monitoring Filtering Rules

Viewing the Event Processing Network (EPN) of an Application

Recording and Playing Back Events Flowing Through an EPN

Replacing a Rule Associated With a Processor

Adding or Deleting Rules From a Processor

Viewing and Changing the Configuration of a Stage

Deploying an Application

Uninstalling an Application

Suspending or Resuming an Application

Typical Server and Domain Tasks

Viewing the JMX Configuration

Viewing the Configured Data Sources

Viewing the Configuration of the Jetty Servers

Configuring Work Managers

Viewing the Persistent Event Store

Viewing the Event Type Repository

Configuring HTTP Publish-Subscribe Server Channels

Adding a Channel

Deleting an Existing Channel

Viewing Messages Published to HTTP Publish-Subscribe Channels

Configuring Logging

Typical Security Tasks

Creating New Users

Changing the Groups to Which a User is Assigned

Deleting a User

Changing the Password of a User

Creating a New Group

Modifying the Roles to Which a Group Maps

Deleting a Group

Configuring Security for the HTTP Publish-Subscribe Channels

Viewing the SSL Configuration for a Server

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