Package com.elasticpath.domain.order

Interface Summary
AdvancedOrderSearchCriteria Represents criteria for advancec order search.
Order Order represents a customer's order.
OrderAddress OrderAddress represents a North American address.
OrderNote OrderNote represents a note made on an order by a CSR.
OrderNumberGenerator This is used to track the next available order number.
OrderPayment Represents customer payment information.
OrderPaymentStatus Represents the customer orderPayment status.
OrderReturn OrderReturn represents a customer's order return.
OrderReturnReason A OrderReturnReason represents a reason associated with a OrderReturn.
OrderReturnSku Represents a sku included into the OrderSku.
OrderShipment OrderShipment represents a customer's order shipment.
OrderShipmentStatus Represents the customer orderShipment status.
OrderSku Represents an order for a quantity of SKUs.
OrderStatus Represents the customer order status.
OrderTaxValue Represents order tax information.