Package com.elasticpath.domain.misc.impl

Class Summary
DisplayNameComparatorImpl This is a default implementation of DisplayNameComparator.
FeaturedProductOrderComparatorImpl This is a default implementation of FeaturedProductOrderComparator.
GeographyImpl Represents a set of countries and provides geography-related functionality such as finding the subcountries of a particular country.
ImageRenderRequestImpl A default implemenation of ImageRenderRequest.
ImageRenderResponseImpl Represents a response to render a image.
LocalizedPropertiesImpl Represents a default implementation of LocalizedProperties.
MoneyImpl Represents an amount of money in a particular currency.
ProductLowestPriceComparatorImpl This is a default implementation of ProductLowestPriceComparator.
RandomGuidImpl Globally unique identifier generator.
RegionCodeComparatorImpl This is a comparator to used for Region.
TopSellerComparatorImpl This is a default implementation of TopSellerComparator.