Package com.elasticpath.domain.rules

Interface Summary
AppliedRule Represents a rule that has been applied to an order.
PromotionRuleDelegate This interface provides helper methods that can be invoked from Drools code to make queries on the system.
PromotionRuleExceptions This class holds exceptions to a rule, i.e.
Rule Represents a rule that can be applied by the rules engine.
RuleAction Represents an action that can be executed by a rule.
RuleCondition Represents a condition that must be true for a rule to fire.
RuleElement A rule element is a component of a rule such as a condition and an action.
RuleEligibility Represents an eligibility condition that must be true for a rule to fire.
RuleException Represents an exception that could be assoicate with a rule condition or rule action.
RuleParameter Represents a parameter of a rule condition, such as the category that a product must belong to to qualify for a promotion.
RuleScenarios Defines constants that identify valid rule scenarios.
RuleSet Represents a set of rules.