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How To Configure the Retail Dataspace Sample Application

This topic describes how to set up the Retail Dataspace Sample Application after completing the installation of ALDSP.


A prerequisite to configuring the retail dataspace sample application is to have the ALDSP Data Services Studio installed on a supported platform.

Choose the guide for the version you are running:

About Data Services Studio and Eclipse

This tutorial uses the version of Eclipse that is installed with ALDSP.

The Eclipse framework often provides multiple ways of achieving same result. In many cases there is no "correct" or "better" way. In other words, there are often many paths to the same results.

Start Data Services Studio 

In version 3.2 Data Services studio is part of Workspace Studio 1.1. If you are using ALDSP 3.2 configuration instructions are available here.

Open the Data Services Studio using the following Windows Start menu command:

Start > All Programs > BEA Products > AquaLogic Data Services Platform 3.0 > Data Services Studio

In some cases the AquaLogic Data Services Platform 3.0 option may not be nested in the BEA Products section. If this is the case just proceed; it is not a problem.

Select a Workspace

ALDSP projects are called dataspace projects. These projects in turn are located in a workspace folder.

The first step in creating a dataspace is to select a workspace.

  1. Use the default location:


  2. Click OK.
Selecting a Workspace

If this is the first time you have opened Studio, the ALDSP Welcome screen appears.

Data Services Studio Welcome Page

In the Install Sample Application section click on:

Retail Dataspace Sample
Retail Dataspace Sample Dialog

Make sure your domain changed from the Workshop sample domain to the ALDSP samples domain, as shown in the steps in the table below.

Configure the ALDSP-enabled Server Environment

Some simple domain server configuration is required. These steps are described in the following table. (The path information in the table below may be truncated in your browser. Click and select to view the entire path.

Configuring Actions
Step Dialog Field
1. Retail Database Sample -
Server Configuration
Server runtime: click Installed Runtimes...
2. Installed Server Runtime Environments   click Add...  
New Server Runtime Type of runtime:
select BEA WebLogic Server v9.2

Define a WebLogic Runtime WebLogic Home:

Browse For Folder Folder
locate and select the WebLogic home directory:

Define a WebLogic Runtime  

Installed Server Runtime Environments  

Retail Dataspace Sample -
Server Configuration
Domain home:

The Workshop domain is to be replaced by the ALDSP sample domain.
Browse For Folder
Select domain home Locate and click on the ALDSP Sample domain:

13. Retail Dataspace Sample -
Server Configuration

Workspace is built (this may take a few minutes).

Your server should now be properly configured for ALDSP and ready to be started.

Start the Server

An ALDSP-enabled server is a version of WebLogic Server with additional functionality to support ALDSP deployment and runtime. The ALDSP server must be running in order to access sample data and to deploy your project.

To start your server from Studio:

  1. Locate the Servers window. If it isn't visible, use the following option command:
    Window > Show View > Servers
  2. In the Server window locate BEA WebLogic Server v 9.2@localhost (this may be the only server listed). Its status is: stopped.
  3. Right-click on the server name and select Start. (The start-up operation can take several minutes.) Notice the running log of server startup actions in the Console window.
    Server Window

  4. After your project has automatically deployed (assuming default settings of Data Services Studio), the dataspace deployment status dialog is displayed. Click:

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