Installation Guide

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Preparing to Install ALDSP

Installation Overview

Supported Configurations

Installation Prerequisites

ALDSP Installation Components

Preconfigured Samples Domain

Internationalization Support

Installing ALDSP Using GUI Mode

Before You Install

Installing Using GUI Mode

Installing ALDSP Using Console or Silent Mode

Before You Install

Installing Using Console Mode

Using Silent Console Mode to Install ALDSP

Using Silent Mode on Windows and UNIX Systems

Exploring the Silent Mode Installer Properties File

Post-Installation Tasks

Verifying the Installation

Step 1: Start Data Services Studio

Step 2: Configure the ALDSP-enabled Server Environment

Step 3: Start the Server

Starting the Development of a Data Integration Solution

Uninstalling ALDSP

Automated Uninstallation

Manual Uninstallation

Upgrading from ALDSP 2.5 to ALDSP 3.0

Upgrading from ALDSP 3.0 to 3.01

Upgrading from ALDSP 2.5 Prerequisites

Upgrading ALDSP 2.5 Artifacts to ALDSP 3.0

Upgrading an ALDSP 2.5 Application

Upgrading an ALDSP Control from ALDSP 2.5 to 3.0

Importing ALDSP 2.5 Configuration to 3.0

Post-Upgrade Artifact Mapping in ALDSP 3.0

Post-Upgrade Tasks for Java Web Service

ALDSP 2.5 Upgrade: Known Issues and Workarounds

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