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Installing ALDSP Using GUI Mode

This chapter describes how to install ALDSP using GUI mode. It includes the following sections:

Figure 2-1 illustrates the current step in the overall installation process.

Figure 2-1 GUI Mode Installation Step

GUI Mode Installation Step


Before You Install

Before you begin installing ALDSP, confirm that the following prerequisites are met:

For additional information about installation prerequisites, see Installation Prerequisites in Preparing to Install ALDSP.


Installing Using GUI Mode

This section describes how to install ALDSP using the GUI mode on Microsoft Windows and supported UNIX and Linux-based platforms.

To install ALDSP in GUI mode:

  1. Launch the GUI installer.
  2. On Microsoft Windows-based systems:

    1. Navigate to the folder to which you downloaded the ALDSP installer using Windows Explorer.
    2. Double-click the installer executable file. For example:
    3. aldsp_300_win32.exe

      On UNIX and Linux-based systems, do the following:

    4. Verify that the console attached to the machine on which you are installing the software supports a Java-based GUI.
    5. Open a command window, and change (cd) to the directory to which you downloaded the ALDSP installer file.
    6. Start the installer in a new shell by entering the following:
    7. sh filename.bin

      where filename.bin is the name of the ALDSP installation program specific to your platform. For example, enter the following to start the Solaris version of the ALDSP installation program:

      sh aldsp_300_solaris32.bin

      The installer application welcomes you to install ALDSP, as illustrated in Figure 2-2.

      Figure 2-2 ALDSP Installation Welcome Screen

      ALDSP Installation Welcome Screen

  3. Click Next to begin the installation. The License Agreement appears.
  4. Review the License Agreement, using the scroll bar to display the text. Choose Yes to accept, and click Next.
  5. A screen appears enabling you to specify the BEA home directory, as illustrated in Figure 2-3.

    Figure 2-3 Choose BEA Home Directory

    Choose BEA Home Directory

    The BEA home directory (<bea_home>) serves as the central support directory for all the BEA products installed on your system.

  6. Specify the BEA home directory, and click Next.
  7. You can choose a directory from the list, or type the directory name in the BEA Home Directory field. You must install ALDSP in the same home directory where you installed WebLogic Platform 9.2

    A warning message is displayed under two conditions:

    • When a previously installed copy of ALDSP is found. In this case, you must uninstall ALDSP before installing the product again. (For details see Uninstalling ALDSP..)
    • When WebLogic Platform 9.2 is not found in the specified BEA home directory. Verify that the specified directory has a WebLogic Platform 9.2 installation. If not, exit the ALDSP installation and install WebLogic Platform 9.2 before proceeding.
    • A screen appears enabling you to choose the type of installation, as illustrated in Figure 2-4.

      Figure 2-4 Choose Install Set

      Choose Install Set

  8. Choose either Complete or Custom as the install type, and click Next.
  9. The following describes the options:

    • Complete
    • This option installs all ALDSP components mentioned in ALDSP Installation Components.

    • Custom
    • Enables you to choose the ALDSP components you need to install. If you select this option and click Next, the screen shown in Figure 2-5 is displayed.

      Figure 2-5 Choosing Components to Install

      Choosing Components to Install

  10. Choose the components and click Next. This screen allows you to specify the directory where you want to install ALDSP. By default, ALDSP is installed in <bea_home>\aldsp_3.0.
  11. The installer displays a progress screen, and begins installing the files on your system. When the installation is complete, the Installation Complete screen appears.

  12. Click Done.
  13. You have successfully installed an instance of ALDSP.

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