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Preparing to Install ALDSP

Before you install ALDSP, you need to verify that your system meets minimum requirements. This chapter provides information about supported platforms, system hardware and software requirements, and describes installation prerequisites. It also provides an overview of the ALDSP components that get installed.

The following sections are included:

Note: ALDSP was initially named Liquid Data. Some instances of the original name remain in the product, installation path, and components.


Installation Overview

This section provides a high-level overview of the steps required to install ALDSP, illustrated in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1 Overview of Installation Process

Overview of Installation Process

Step 1: Prepare to install

  1. Preparing to install ALDSP involves checking the supported platforms and databases, and verifying that you have the installation prerequisites in place. You can also familiarize yourself with a description of what gets installed on your system. To prepare to install the software, complete the remaining sections of this chapter.
  2. Uninstall any previous versions of ALDSP. For details see Uninstalling ALDSP.
  3. Note: The Uninstall option does not remove any ALDSP or other Workshop projects that you have created.

Step 2: Install ALDSP 3.0

You can install ALDSP either in GUI mode, featuring an easy to use graphical installer application, or in interactive Console mode, suitable on UNIX systems without a graphics (windowing) workstation. Alternatively, you can choose to install ALDSP on Windows and UNIX systems using Silent mode, which reads an installer properties file to determine the install options.

For more information about using GUI mode, see Installing ALDSP Using GUI Mode. For more information about using Console mode and Silent mode, see Installing ALDSP Using Console or Silent Mode.

Step 3: Perform post-installation tasks

After installation, you can verify that the installation was successful, and explore Windows shortcuts and UNIX paths to key components. For more information, see Post-Installation Tasks.


Supported Configurations

Supported operating systems, DBMS vendors, and other configurations are described under Supported Configurations.


Installation Prerequisites

Additional software needs to be installed with ALDSP including:

A supported version of WebLogic Server 9.2, Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 (WebLogic Platform 9.2) or Eclipse 3.2.2/WTP 1.5.4.

Latest JRockit version ( JRockit version 5.0 R27.4 JDK) to ensure higher ALDSP performance.

Note: ALDSP 3.0 includes Data Services Studio, which can run either under Eclipse 3.2.2/WTP 1.5.4 or Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 or 10.1.

By default, Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 and Eclipse version 3.2.2 is installed with ALDSP. However, if you have previously installed versions of Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 or Eclipse 3.2.2 and want to continue using that instance to work with ALDSP, then specify the Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 or Eclipse home directory path during installation. ALDSP installer will use the same instance for installation.

WebLogic Platform 9.2 components may be obtained from the BEA Download Center:
Note: If you are using Windows 2000, the maximum classpath size can be exceeded. For this reason it is recommended that when you install ALDSP, you install it into <beahome> directory with a directory name of four characters or less such as <bea>.


ALDSP Installation Components

Table 1-1 provides a list of components that get installed after you successfully complete installing ALDSP.

Table 1-1 ALDSP Installation Components
Component Name
ALDSP Runtime

Note: Installing the runtime is mandatory for ALDSP and is a prerequisite for installing other components.

  • ALDSP runtime including the XQuery engine
  • Configuration framework
  • ALDSP Administration Console
  • ALDSP base domain template

Note: WebLogic Server 9.2 MP2 is a prerequisite for ALDSP runtime.

ALDSP IDE and Client Tools
  • Common workshop 10.2 plugins
  • ALDSP IDE plugins
  • ALDSP Microsoft Excel add-in
  • Workshop for Weblogic 9.2 common components
  • AquaLogic tooling common components including AquaLogic Sync and AquaLogic Enterprise Registry browser.

Note: Data Services Studio (Eclipse 3.2.2/WTP 1.5.4) or Workshop for WebLogic 10.2 is a prerequisite for ALDSP tools.

ALDSP Samples
  • Samples domain
  • Sample project predeployed in the samples domain.
  • Retail Dataspace Sample Application

When you install ALDSP, a valid evaluation license is automatically included with the installation.

Preconfigured Samples Domain

The full ALDSP installation provides a preconfigured samples domain, as shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2 ALDSP Samples Preconfigured Domain and Start Commands for Samples Server
Windows and UNIX Paths to Start in Each Domain
Start > All Programs > <BEA Products>
> Examples > Start Examples Server
Run startWebLogic.cmd from any one of the following locations:
Starts the examples server on Windows
Starts the ALDSP samples server on Windows
Run the command from any of the following locations:


Starts the ALDSP examples server on UNIX

Note: <bea_home> is the home directory for installing ALDSP and <BEA Products> is the root location of the ALDSP instllation.

For a detailed explanation of domains, see Creating WebLogic Configurations Using the Domain Control Wizard in the WebLogic Platform documentation.

Internationalization Support

ALDSP is internationalized and supports multi-byte data from the underlying data sources. Specifically, ALDSP works with Japanese character sets, where the underlying databases are running in Japanese locales.

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