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Uninstalling ALDSP

For most platforms you can automatically remove system-installed, unmodified ALDSP artifacts from your system. Once ALDSP has been uninstalled, you can manually remove any extra files, such as modified samples or other user-created files, which were not removed automatically by the uninstaller.

You should undeploy any ALDSP applications before uninstalling ALDSP from your system. For information about undeploying, see the topic “Undeploying Deployed Applications” in the WebLogic Server documentation.

Automated Uninstallation

To uninstall ALDSP:

  1. Back up any data you want to retain for use with a new installation.
  2. Shut down your server.
  3. Run the ALDSP uninstaller.
    • On Windows systems, choose the following:
    • Start Arrow symbol All Programs Arrow symbol BEA Products Arrow symbol BEA AquaLogic Data Services Platform 3.0 > Uninstall BEA AquaLogic Data Services Platform 3.0
    • On UNIX systems, run the following command in cases when you installed using GUI mode (as described in Installing ALDSP Using GUI Mode):
    • <bea_home>/aldsp_3.0/uninstall/

      Alternatively, run the following command with the -i CONSOLE option in cases when you installed using Console mode (as described in Installing ALDSP Using Console or Silent Mode)

      <bea_home>/aldsp_3.0/uninstall/ -i CONSOLE

    • On Linux systems a manual uninstallation is necessary. Follow the steps described in Manual Uninstallation.
  4. After the uninstallation, delete the aldsp_3.0 folder in the <bea_home> directory. In addition. you may need to remove some other files manually. When the uninstall is completed, you may be notified that some files could not be removed. This could be a result of new files that were either generated or user-created after ALDSP was installed.
  5. For example, if you added new target schemas, stored queries, Web services, and so on to the ALDSP repository make sure that you save them elsewhere before proceeding to the next step.

    Note: The Uninstall option does not remove any ALDSP dataspaces or other Workshop applications that you have created if they are created outside the <aldsp_home> directory, which is usually <bea_home>\aldsp_3.0. It is advised that you created your domains and other projects outside <aldsp_home> directory.

Manual Uninstallation

An automatic installation will not remove all AquaLogic Data Services Platform artifacts, particularly those which have been modified. You can follow the steps in this section to manually remove the product.

Note: For some platforms such as Linux, it is necessary to perform a manual uninstallation since no automated uninstallation is provided.

To manually remove an installation of AquaLogic Data Services Platform follow these steps:

  1. Back-up any data you want to retain for use with a new installation.
  2. If running, shut down your server.
  3. Delete all the ALDSP binaries and other artifacts found under <bea_home>. These directories are listed in Table 5-1.
    Table 5-1 Directories Requiring Manual Removal Following an Uninstall
    ALDSP home directory
    ALDSP samples directory
    ALDSP Eclipse installation directory
    Default location when installed with ALDSP:

    Note: If Eclipse 3.2.2 has been installed separately (not under <bea_home>\tools\eclipse_pkgs) and was being used for ALDSP, then you need manually clean up the eclipse configuration directory to avoid known issues in Eclipse 3.2.2. All files in Eclipse WTP home's configuration directory should be deleted except config.ini and files under .settings subdirectory.

  4. Open the following file with a text editor:
  5. <bea_home>/registry.xml
  6. Locate the entry for ALDSP. Here is an example:
  7. - <product format="1.0" name="AquaLogic Data Services Platform">
    - <release level="3.0" ServicePackLevel="0" PatchLevel="0"   Status="installed" BeaProgramGroup="BEA Products (BEAHOME 2)"   StartMenu="C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs"   InstallTime="Nov 13, 2007 5:39:37 PM" InstallDir="C:\bea\aldsp_3.0"   JavaHome="C:\bea\jrockit90_150_10" JavaVersion="1.5.0_10"   JavaVendor="BEA">
    - <component name="AquaLogic Data Services Platform" version="">
      <component name="Data Services Server" /> 
      <component name="Data Services Studio" /> 
      <component name="Samples" /> 
  8. Remove the entire entry.
  9. Proceed with a new installation and deployment.

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