ACID properties, Transaction
Aggregates (see Query)
Apache Ant, Apache Ant
application identity tool ant task, Application Identity Tool Ant Task
configuration options, Common Ant Configuration Options
mappingtool task, Mapping Tool Ant Task
metadata tool ant task, JDO Metadata Tool Ant Task
Schema generator task, Schema Generator Ant Task
schema tool task, Schema Tool Ant Task
appidtool, Application Identity
applets, Remote Persistence Managers
Application Id Tool, Code Formatting
Application identity, Application Identity, Application Identity, Special considerations when using Horizontal Inheritance Mapping
ant task, Application Identity Tool Ant Task
auto-generating app id classes, Application Identity
Atomicity, Transaction
attach/detach, Detach and Attach
automatic, Automatic Detachment
detach on close, Detach on Close
detach on serialize, Detach on Serialize
callbacks, Detach and Attach Callbacks
declaring, Declaring Detachability
graph definition, Defining the Detached Object Graph
jdoPostAttach, Detach and Attach Callbacks
jdoPostDetach, Detach and Attach Callbacks
jdoPreAttach, Detach and Attach Callbacks
jdoPreDetach, Detach and Attach Callbacks
auto-increment, Auto-Increment


Binary Compatible, JDO Enhancer
blob mapping, Blob Mapping
buildSchema, Using the Mapping Tool
(see also mappingtool)


data cache, Datastore Cache
Datastore Cache MBean, Datastore Cache MBean
class indicator, Class Indicator, Custom Class Indicator
class maps, Class Mapping, Disadvantages of using Flat Inheritance Mapping
custom, Custom Class Mapping
CLASSPATH, Getting Started
clob mapping, Clob Mapping
connection pooling, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
ExceptionAction, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
MaxActive, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
MaxCachedStatements, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
MaxIdle, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
MaxTotal, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
MaxWait, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
MinEvctableIdleTimeMillis, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
QueryTimeout, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
RollbackOnReturn, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
TestOnBorrow, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
TestOnReturn, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
TestWhileIdle, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
third-party datasources, Using a Third-Party DataSource
TimeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
ValidationSQL, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
ValidationTimeout, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
WhenExhaustedAction, Using the Kodo JDO DataSource
ConnectionFactoryName, Connection Configuration
Consistency, Transaction
Custom fetch groups (see Fetch groups)


DatabaseMetaData, Schema Factory
datastore, Configuring the Data Store
Datastore identity, Datastore Identity, Datastore Identity
DBDictionary, Database Support
default-fetch-group attribute, Metadata DTD
delete action, jdbc-delete-action
deleting objects, Deleting Objects
Deploying Kodo in J2EE, J2EE Deployment
manually binding into JNDI, Non-JCA Application Server Deployment
detach (see attach/detach)
distributed inheritance mapping (see horizontal inheritance mapping)
Durability, Transaction
DynamicSchemaFactory, Schema Factory


Eager Fetching, Eager Fetching
eager fetching
fetch groups, Fetch Groups
EJBs (see Enterprise Java Beans)
embedded, Metadata DTD, Embedded One-to-One Mapping
embedded objects, Embedded One-to-One Mapping
Enterprise Java Beans, Why JDO?
enum mapping, Enumeration Mapping
Extent, Extent


fetch configuration, Fetch Configuration
Fetch groups, InstanceCallbacks, Metadata DTD, Fetch Groups
eager fetching, Eager Fetching
field mapping, Field Mapping
Field Types
Immutable, Persistent Fields
Mutable, Persistent Fields
User-defined, Persistent Fields
field-level factory, Externalization
filtered inheritance (see flat inheritance mapping)
flat inheritance mapping, Flat Inheritance Mapping, Advantages of using Flat Inheritance Mapping


Application (see Application identity)
Datastore (see Datastore identity)
Single Field (see Single Field Identity)
Immutable Field Types (see Field Types)
in-class-name indicator, In-Class-Name Indicator
InstanceCallbacks, InstanceCallbacks
inventory maintenance, Inventory Maintenance
Isolation, Transaction


deploying Kodo (see Deploying Kodo in J2EE)
Managed transactions, Integrating with the Transaction Manager
Java Database Connectivity, Why JDO?
Java serialization, Transparent Persistence
Java Serialization, Why JDO?
Java Web Start applications, Remote Persistence Managers
JCA, J2EE Installation Types
JDBC (see Java Database Connectivity)
connections, Configuring the Use of JDBC Connections
JDBCPersistenceManagerFactory, J2EE Installation Types
JDO 2.0 Features
attach (see attach/detach)
detach (see attach/detach)
queries, Query
aggregates, Aggregates
grouping, Aggregates
having, Aggregates
projections, Projections
result class, Result Class
result range, Limits and Ordering
single-string, Result Class
SQL, Query
unique, Limits and Ordering
JDO Enhancer, JDO Enhancer
JDO Enhancers
Binary-Compatible (see Binary Compatible)
JDO Exceptions, JDO Exceptions
JDO Helper, JDOHelper
JDO Identity Object, JDO Identity
JDO Metadata, Metadata
DTD, Metadata DTD
Placement, Metadata Placement
JDO runtime extensions, JDO Runtime Extensions
JDO Standard Properties, JDO Standard Properties
ConnectionDriverName, javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName
ConnectionFactory2Name, javax.jdo.option.ConnectionFactory2Name
ConnectionFactoryName, javax.jdo.option.ConnectionFactoryName
ConnectionPassword, javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword
ConnectionURL, javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL
ConnectionUserName, javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName
IgnoreCache, javax.jdo.option.IgnoreCache
Multithreaded, javax.jdo.option.Multithreaded
NontransactionalRead, javax.jdo.option.NontransactionalRead
NontransactionalWrite, javax.jdo.option.NontransactionalWrite
Optimistic, javax.jdo.option.Optimistic
RestoreValues, javax.jdo.option.RestoreValues
RetainValues, javax.jdo.option.RetainValues
jdoc, Important Utilities
JDOHelper, JDOHelper, Obtaining a PersistenceManagerFactory, JDOHelper
(see also KodoHelper)
jdoPostLoad (see InstanceCallbacks)
jdoPreClear (see InstanceCallbacks)
jdoPreDelete (see InstanceCallbacks)
jdoPreStore (see InstanceCallbacks)
JDOQL, Query, JDOQL, Inventory Maintenance, Using the Finder
(see also Query)
aggregate extensions, Query Extensions
extensions, JDOQL Extensions
subqueries, JDOQL Subqueries
JMX (see management)
manually binding Kodo into (see Deploying Kodo in J2EE, manually binding into JNDI)
JTA (see )


Kodo JDO
configuration, Configuration
datasource (see connection pooling)
Performance Pack, Performance Pack
plugin configuration, Plugin Configuration
properties, Kodo JDO Properties
runtime configuration, Runtime Configuration
third-party datasources, Using a Third-Party DataSource
KodoExtent, KodoExtent
KodoHelper, Persisting Objects, KodoHelper, KodoHelper
(see also JDOHelper)
KodoPersistenceManager, KodoPersistenceManager
KodoQuery, KodoQuery


Large Relations, Large Result Set Proxies
Large Result Set Proxies, Large Result Set Proxies
Large Result Sets, Large Result Sets
lazy loading
configuring relation loading, Eager Fetching
fetch groups, Fetch Groups
locking behavior, Rules for Locking Behavior
LazySchemaFactory, Schema Factory
Lifecycle callbacks (see InstanceCallbacks)
Lock groups, Lock Groups
Lock groups and Subclasses, Lock Groups and Subclasses
lock-groups, Lock Groups and Subclasses
locking, Object Locking
logging, Logging
Apache Commons Logging, Apache Commons Logging
channels, Logging Channels
default, Kodo Logging
disabling, Disabling Logging
JDK 1.4 configuration, JDK 1.4 java.util.logging
Log4j configuration, Log4J


makeDirty, Persistence-Capable Operations
makePersistenceAll, Persistence-Capable Lifecycle Management
Managed Inverses, Managed Inverses
management, Management and Monitoring
configuring logging, Configuring Logging for Management / Monitoring
configuring remote, Optional Parameters in Remote Group, Optional Parameters in JSR 160 Group
configuring WebLogic 8.1, Optional Parameters in WebLogic 8.1 Group
kodo.ManagementConfiguration, Optional Parameters in Management Group
Management Console, Kodo Management Console
mapping data, Mapping Tool
mapping factory, Mapping Tool, Mapping Factory
import/export mapping data, Importing and Exporting Mapping Data
mapping files, Configuring the Data Store
class maps, Class Mapping
custom field, Custom Field Mapping
embedded one-to-one, Embedded One-to-One Mapping
external values, External Values
externalization, Externalization
joins, Join Attributes
many-to-many, Many-to-Many Mapping
many-to-many map, Many-to-Many Map Mapping
many-to-N map, Many-to-N Map Mapping
many-to-pc map, Many-to-PC Map Mapping
n-to-many map, N-to-Many Map Mapping
N-to-PC map, N-to-PC Map Mapping
non-primary key joins, Non-Standard Joins
nonstandard joins, Non-Standard Joins
one-to-many, One-to-Many Mapping
one-to-one, One-to-One Mapping
one-to-one mapping, Collection Mapping
partial primary key joins, Non-Standard Joins
PC map, PC Map Mapping
PC one-to-one mapping, PC One-to-One Mapping
PC-to-Many map, PC-to-Many Map Mapping
PC-to-N map, PC-to-N Map Mapping
mappingtool, Important Utilities, Configuring the Data Store, Mapping Tool, Importing and Exporting Mapping Data
ant task, Mapping Tool Ant Task
buildSchema, Using the Mapping Tool
MBean, Management and Monitoring, Executing Operations
Datastore Cache, Datastore Cache MBean
PreparedStatement, PreparedStatement Cache MBean
Query Cache, Query Cache MBean
TimeWatch, TimeWatch MBean
Mbean, MBeans
Kodo Pooling Datasource, Kodo Pooling DataSource MBean
Log, Log MBean
Runtime, Runtime MBean
metadata extensions
data-cache, Kodo JDO Cache Usage
data-cache-timeout, Kodo JDO Cache Usage
detachable, Declaring Detachability, Detach on Serialize
detached-objectid-field, Declaring Detachability
detached-state-field, Declaring Detachability
Object-Relational Mapping, Object-Relational Mapping Extensions
relation extensions, Relation Extensions
Metadata Tool, Generating Default JDO Metadata
ant task, JDO Metadata Tool Ant Task
metadata value indicator, Metadata Value Indicator
monitoring (see management)
Mutable Field Types (see Field Types)
mutable second class object fields, Mutable Second Class Object Fields


Named Queries, Named Queries
DTD, Named Query DTD
examples, Named Query Examples
SQL, Named SQL Queries
newQuery, Query Factory
No-Arg Constructor, Default or No-Arg Constructor
null-value attribute, Metadata DTD
Numeric Identity, JDO Identity


object filtering, Object Filtering
(see also Query)
advanced, Advanced Object Filtering
(see also Query)
Object Identity
numeric, JDO Identity
qualitative, JDO Identity
Object-Relational Mapping, Object-Relational Mapping
buildSchema, Using the Mapping Tool
mapping tool, Mapping Tool
meet-in-the-middle, Using the Mapping Tool
metadata extensions, Object-Relational Mapping Extensions
object-to-schema, Using the Mapping Tool
schema-to-object, Using the Mapping Tool
object-relational mapping information, Configuring the Data Store
offline, Remote and Offline JDO
one-table-per-leaf inheritance (see horizontal inheritance mapping)


Data Transfer Object, Detach and Attach
Value Object, Detach and Attach
PC collection mapping, PC Collection Mapping
Persistence Mechanisms, Why JDO?
Persistence-Aware, Persistence-Capable vs. Persistence-Aware
persistence-capable (see PersistenceCapable)
persistence-modifier attribute, Metadata DTD
PersistenceCapable, PersistenceCapable, Persistence-Capable vs. Persistence-Aware
getObjectById, JDO Identity Management
Lifecycle Management, Persistence-Capable Lifecycle Management
newQuery, Query Factory
Query Factory, Query Factory
toString, JDO Identity Management
PersistenceManager, PersistenceManager, Persisting Objects
close, Closing
connection configuration, Connection Configuration
properties, PersistenceManagerFactory Properties
Uniqueness Requirement, JDO Identity
PersistenceManagerFactory, PersistenceManagerFactory Construction, PersistenceManagerFactory, Obtaining PersistenceManagers
Persistent Class Inheritance, Inheritance
Persistent Class Restrictions, Restrictions on Persistent Classes
Persistent Classes, Persistent Classes, Persistent Class List
Persistent data, Transparent Persistence
Persistent Fields, Persistent Fields
persisting objects, Persisting Objects
plugin configuration, Plugin Configuration
primary-key attribute, Metadata DTD
Projections (see Query)


Qualitative Identity, JDO Identity
Query, Query
(see also JDOQL)
aggregates, Aggregates
extensions, Aggregate Extensions
by example, Advanced Object Filtering
candidate class, Object Filtering
candidate objects, Object Filtering
close, Compiling and Executing Queries
closeAll, Compiling and Executing Queries
compile, Compiling and Executing Queries
declareImports, Advanced Object Filtering
declareParameters, Advanced Object Filtering
declareVariables, Advanced Object Filtering
distinct, Projections
element, key, and value results, Projections
execute, Compiling and Executing Queries
executeWithArray, Compiling and Executing Queries
executeWithMap, Compiling and Executing Queries
extensions, Query Extensions
aggregates, Aggregate Extensions
JDOQL, JDOQL Extensions
subqueries, JDOQL Subqueries
filter string, Object Filtering
grouping, Aggregates
having, Aggregates
implicit parameters, Advanced Object Filtering
implicit variables, Advanced Object Filtering
imports, Advanced Object Filtering
extensions, JDOQL Extensions
limits, Limits and Ordering
named, Named Queries
(see also Named Queries)
object filtering, Object Filtering
advanced, Advanced Object Filtering
ordering, Limits and Ordering
parameter declarations, Advanced Object Filtering
projections, Projections
result class, Result Class
result range, Limits and Ordering
setCandidates, Object Filtering
setClass, Object Filtering
setFilter, Object Filtering
setGrouping, Aggregates
setOrdering, Limits and Ordering
setRange, Limits and Ordering
setResultClass, Result Class
setUnique, Limits and Ordering
single-string, Single-String JDOQL
SQL, SQL Queries
creating SQL queries, Creating SQL Queries
named, Named SQL Queries
(see also Named Queries)
projections, SQL Projections
retriving persistent objects, Retrieving Persistent Objects with SQL
stored procedures, Creating SQL Queries
subqueries, JDOQL Subqueries
unique, Limits and Ordering
variable declarations, Advanced Object Filtering
variable results, Projections
Query Factory, Query Factory


schema, Schema Information
schema generator, Schema Generator
schema tool, Schema Generator, Schema Tool
ant task, Schema Tool Ant Task
schema-to-XML conversion (see schemagen)
SchemaFactory, Schema Reflection
schemagen, Generating Persistent Classes
ant task, Schema Generator Ant Task
sequence factory, Sequence Factory
sequence-assigned, Sequence-Assigned
Single Field Identity, Single Field Identity, Single Field Identity
single-table inheritance (see flat inheritance mapping)
Obtaining a DDL for review, Schema Tool
queries, SQL Queries
creating, Creating SQL Queries
for column values, SQL Projections
for persistent objects, Retrieving Persistent Objects with SQL
SQL Batching, SQL Batching
SQL joins, Setting the SQL Join Syntax
state image indicator, State Image Indicator
Stored Procedures
queries, Creating SQL Queries
subclass-join indicator, Subclass-Join Indicator


Uniqueness Requirement, JDO Identity
User-defined Field Types (see Field Types)