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8.1 Supported Configurations: Sun Solaris 9 on x86

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Sun Solaris 9 on x86 with 8.1 SP2

Provides full support for WebLogic Server and run-time support for WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Integration, and WebLogic Portal. See below for Design and Development Tools support.


This section provides the following information:

Related Information


Configuration Requirements

Table 5-1 Requirements for 8.1 SP2 on Sun Solaris 9 on x86

Operating System Version and Patches

Solaris 9

Chip Architecture and Minimum Processor Speed

x86 (800 MHz)


Sun Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_02 for Solaris x86 Platform (32-bit)

Design and Development Tools

Supports WebLogic Server development tools.


512 MB required; 1 GB recommended

Performance Pack



Node Manager



BEA jDrivers for Oracle

Not supported

Note: Only Oracle with the Oracle Thin Driver is supported on Sun Solaris 9 on x86.



Known Issues

For information about known issues with any components of this release, see the appropriate Release Notes document. For a complete list of Release Notes supporting WebLogic Platform 8.1, see:


Download and Installation Instructions

To install WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2 on your Sun Solaris 9 configuration, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Sun Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_02

  1. Go to the Sun download site:
  2. Download the Sun Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_02 for Solaris x86 Platform.
  3. Following the instructions on the download page, install the SDK.

Step 2: Download WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2 and the Supplemental JAR File

To download the installer and supplemental JAR file for WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2, complete the following procedure:

  1. Go to the BEA download site:
  2. For WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2, select Sun Solaris (9, x86) as your operating system, and download the WebLogic Platform package installer.
  3. From the same site, download the supplementary JAR file for Solaris 9 on x86 by selecting the link: wls812_solaris_x86_supp.jar.

Now you have all the components required for your installation: the Sun Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_02, the WebLogic Platform package installer, and the supplementary JAR file.

Step 3: Install WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2 and the Supplemental JAR File

  1. In a browser, open Installing BEA WebLogic Platform and find the section called "Starting Graphical-Mode Installation for .jar Installation Files" (in the chapter called "Installing WebLogic Platform Using Graphical-Mode Installation") at the following URL:

  3. Following the instructions, install WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2.
  4. Set the WL_HOME variable to the directory in which WebLogic Platform is installed and export WL_HOME:
  5. $ export WL_HOME=/your_installation_directory/weblogic81
  6. Create a directory called $WL_HOME/server/lib/solaris/x86 and go to it:
  7. $ mkdir $WL_HOME/server/lib/solaris/x86
    $ cd $WL_HOME/server/lib/solaris/x86
  8. Extract the contents of the JAR file:
  9. $ jar -xvf wls812_solaris_x86_supp.jar
  10. In the following shell scripts, set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib/solaris/x86 directory by replacing all occurrences of ${WL_HOME}/server/lib/solaris with ${WL_HOME}/server/lib/solaris/x86:
  11. Add execute permission to the files in weblogic81/server/bin and weblogic81/server/lib:
  12. $ chmod +x $WL_HOME/server/bin/*
    $ chmod -R +x $WL_HOME/server/lib/solaris/x86/*

Step 4: Download and Install the WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP2 SDK 1.4.2/Oracle10gdriver/Database Patch

  1. Go to the BEA download site for the patch:
  1. Download the 8.1 SP2 patch:
  2. Unzip and save the contents in a temporary location, such as my_home_directory/temp.
  3. The zip file contains a README file, a zip file containing an 8.1 SP2 patch for databases, and a zip file containing a patch for use of the Oracle 10g driver and the Sun Java 2 SDK 1.4.2.

  4. Following the instructions in the README file (81sp2-patch-README.txt), install the contents of


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