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LU6.2 Services for OpenVMS Installation Guide


This document describes how to install the ProductName product. Installation prodecures are provided for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha plaforms.


Installing BEA MessageQ LU6.2 Services

Preparing to Install LU6.2 Services for OpenVMS

Prerequisite Software

Creating a BEA MessageQ Group

Required Privileges

VMSINSTAL Requirements

Backing Up Your System Disk

Transferring Files and Changing File Attributes

Installing LU6.2 Services for OpenVMS

General Information

The Installation Procedure

Step 1: Log In to a Privileged Account

Step 2: Invoke VMSINSTAL

Step 3: Respond to Prompts for Purging Files and Performing an IVP

Step 4: Specify the Location of the LU6.2 Directory Tree

Step 5: Specify the Queue Number for the LU6.2 User Callback

Step 6: Specify the queue number for the LU6.2 Port Server

Step 7: Specify Whether to Add LU6.2 Message Structures

Step 8: Specify Whether to Add LU6.2 Definitions to This Group

Step 9: Read Informational Messages

Step 10: End the Installation Procedure

Error Recovery

Testing the Installation

Preparing to Test

Running the Test

Reinstalling LU6.2 Services for OpenVMS

Sample VAX Installation Session

Sample Alpha Installation Session