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BEA MessageQ Release 5.0

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BEA MessageQ is easy-to-use, fast, and reliable message software that allows applications to communicate using the industry-leading queued message bus technology. A proven and widely deployed middleware solution for distributed enterprise applications, BEA MessageQ allows the reliable exchange of guaranteed application messages across heterogeneous platforms. BEA MessageQ provides a robust application integration architecture for building high-performance message-based applications using multi-mode communications.



Provides an introduction to BEA MessageQ.

Installation & Configuration

Explains how to install and configure BEA MessageQ properly.


Describes how to develop custom applications with BEA MessageQ. Also details the BEA MessageQ API.


Provides succinct descriptions and usage instructions for commands, functions, tables, and files used in implementing BEA MessageQ applications that use FML and the messaging bridge.


Provides descriptions of BEA MessageQ System messages, and suggestions for appropriate actions.

IBM Connectivity

Describes the IBM Connectivity features of BEA MessageQ.


What's New?

Learn about what's new with BEA MessageQ Release 5.0.

Client Information

The MessageQ Client is a client implementation of the MessageQ Application Programming Interface (API), providing message queuing support for distributed network applications. Access client-specific information for the following platforms:

UNIX Client

Windows NT Client

OpenVMS Client

BEA MessageQ V4.0a Information

Use this link to display information on BEA MessageQ Release 4.0a. Please note that all BEA MessageQ 4.0a documents have been superseded by BEA MessageQ Release 5.0 documentation.