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BEA MessageQ Release 5.0

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Transparent Messaging Bridge

A messaging bridge allows the transparent exchange of messages between a BEA MessageQ application and a BEA Tuxedo system queue or service. The BEA Tuxedo system administrators can configure special servers that transfer messages from BEA MessageQ queues to BEA Tuxedo system services and queues. By putting a message on an associated BEA MessageQ queue, it is transparently enqueued to a BEA Tuxedo system service or queue. Conversely, enqueuing a message via /Q causes the message to be put on a BEA MessageQ queue transparently.

FML32 Support

BEA MessageQ now uses FML32 as the self-describing messaging format. Users will be able to send and receive FML messages using the standard FML API functions. All libraries and include files required for building FML-based applications are included.

Correlation ID Function

The correlation ID function allows application developers to associate a user-defined identifier with each message independent of the application message protocol. This allows applications to match multiple outstanding requests against incoming responses.

Expanded Priority Range

The message priority range has been increased from 0-1 to 0-99. You can select messages by any or all priorities, as well as by the PSEL_PRI_xxx symbols.

Selection by Sequence Number or Correlation ID

The pams_set_select() function now supports selection by sequence number or by correlation ID. This allows you to precisely select a specific message.

New Fields in show_buffer Structure

The new flags field in the show_buffer structure indicates the validity of fields. A set bit indicates a valid field, while a cleared bit indicates that the field was not filled in or the end of the allocated show_buffer memory. The urcode field is returned from tpreturn() and offers better interoperation with the BEA Tuxedo system. There is also a correlation ID field included in the show_buffer structure.