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BEA MessageQ Release 5.0

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MQSeries Connection


 Installation Guide

Installing BEA MessageQ MQSeries Connection


 User's Guide

Introduction to BEA MessageQ MQSeries Connection

Developing Message Queuing Applications

Managing the BEA MessageQ MQSeries Connection Environment

Programming Examples


MVS Client


 Installation Guide 

Installing the BEA MessageQ MVS Client

Files Installed on Your System


 User's Guide


Configuring the BEA MessageQ MVS Client

Building Your Application

Running Your Application



LU6.2 Services for OpenVMS


 Installation Guide 

Installing BEA MessageQ LU6.2 Services


 User's Guide

Introducing BEA MessageQ LU6.2 Services

Developing Applications Using BEA MessageQ LU6.2 Services

Configuring the LU6.2 Port Server

Port Server Messages

LU6.2 Port Server Application Programming Interface

LU6.2 User Callback Services

LU6.2 User Callback Interface Logical Names and Error Codes



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 LU6.2 Services for OpenVMS has been certified for interoperability with BEA MessageQ for OpenVMS, Release 5.0.

See the Installation Guide and the Configuration Guide for information on installing and configuring BEA MessageQ for OpenVMS.