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Installation Guide for OpenVMS


This document gives instructions for installing the BEA MessageQ for OpenVMS software.

Preparing for BEA MessageQ Installation

Getting Ready to Install BEA MessageQ

Checking the Software Distribution Kit

Reading Release Notes

Installing Optional Software for OpenVMS Systems

Checking System Parameter Values

Calculating Values for GBLPAGES and GBLSECTIONS

Installation Procedure Requirements

Installation Time


Disk Space

Process Account Quotas

VMSINSTAL Requirements

System Backup

BEA MessageQ / BEA TUXEDO Bridge

Installing BEA MessageQ

The Installation Procedure

Shut Down Running BEA MessageQ Groups


Confirming Backup

Specifying Where Distribution Media is Mounted

Specifying the Product to Install

Entering VMSINSTAL Options

Selecting Kit Type

Selecting Target Device for Installation

Purging Files

Viewing Informational Messages

Installation Error Messages

Major Failure Messages

Error Conditions

PostInstallation Tasks for BEA MessageQ

Applying the BEA MessageQ License

Editing System Startup and Shutdown Files

Configuring and Managing the System

Determining and Reporting Problems

Upgrading to BEA MessageQ Version 5.0

Purpose of Upgrade

Conversion Requirements

Conversion Major Steps

Conversion Utility Considerations

Executing the BEA MessageQ Conversion Utility

Using the Conversion Main Menu

Files Installed on Your System