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MVS Client Installation Guide


This document describes the BEA ProductNameMVS Client product and provides the information you need to install BEA MessageQ applications that run in an IBM MVS environment. BEA MessageQ MVS applications fully support BEA MessageQ features using the BEA MessageQ Client Library Server software running on a BEA MessageQ Server system.


Installing the BEA MessageQ MVS Client

Preinstallation Requirements

Software Requirements

MVS Software Requirements for Batch or CICS

BEA MessageQ Server Software Requirements

System Resource Requirements

MVS Client Datasets

Why You Should Read the Release Notes

Installation Procedure

Step 1: Create an Empty Dataset On Your MVS System

Step 2: Use FTP to Copy the Initial Dataset from the CD-ROM

Step 3: Create Six Partitioned Datasets

Step 4: Copy the Files to the MVS System

Step 5: Convert Example Programs to Original Format

Step 6: Configure the MVS Client


Files Installed on Your System

DMQ.V5R0.CNTL Dataset: JCL Files

DMQ.V5R0.H Dataset: Include Files

DMQ.V5R0.X Dataset: Sample Programs

DMQ.V5R0.COB Dataset: COBOL Sample Programs and Copy Books

DMQ.V5R0.LIB Dataset: Callable Library Support for Batch and CICS 4.1

DMQ.V5R0.PROC Dataset: Example Programs