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Reference Manual


This document provides a detailed description of the following types of functions:


FML Functions

Fintro (3FML)

CFadd (3FML)

CFchg (3FML)

CFfind (3FML)

CFfindocc (3FML)

CFget (3FML)

CFgetalloc (3FML)

F_error (3FML)

Fadd (3FML)

Fadds (3FML)

Falloc (3FML)

Fappend (3FML)

Fboolco (3FML)

Fboolev (3FML)

Fboolpr (3FML)

Fchg (3FML)

Fchgs (3FML)

Fchksum (3FML)

Fcmp (3FML)

Fconcat (3FML)

Fcpy (3FML)

Fdel (3FML)

Fdelall (3FML)

Fdelete (3FML)

Fextread (3FML)

Ffind (3FML)

Ffindlast (3FML)

Ffindocc (3FML)

Ffinds (3FML)

Ffloatev (3FML)

Ffprint (3FML)

Ffree (3FML)

Fget (3FML)

Fgetalloc (3FML)

Fgetlast (3FML)

Fgets (3FML)

Fgetsa (3FML)

Fidnm_unload (3FML)

Fidxused (3FML)

Fielded (3FML)

Findex (3FML)

Finit (3FML)

Fjoin (3FML)

Fldid (3FML)

Fldno (3FML)

Fldtype (3FML)

Flen (3FML)

Fmkfldid (3FML)

Fmove (3FML)

Fname (3FML)

Fneeded (3FML)

Fnext (3FML)

Fnmid_unload (3FML)

Fnum (3FML)

Foccur (3FML)

Fojoin (3FML)

Fpres (3FML)



field_tables Description



mkfldhdr Command

mkfldhdr, mkfldhdr32


MessageQ/TUXEDO Bridge Functions



tpdequeue (3)

tpenqueue (3)