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Command Reference

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viewcs, viewcs32(1)


viewcs, viewcs32— Generates C# source and .dll library files for customer-defined viewfile Tuxedo .NET Workstation Client applications.


viewcs [binarydllfile] binaryviewfile [binaryviewfile...]

viewcs32 [binarydllfile] binaryviewfile [binaryviewfile...]


viewcs is a utility used to generate C# source and .dll library files for customer-defined viewfile. It takes the viewc output file (binary viewfile with a .VV extension in its file name on DOS/Windows, or a .V extension on other platforms) as input and generates corresponding C# source and .dll library files which contain classes representing the customer-defined view structures. If the a binary.dll file is not given, a .dll library file is not generated.


Unlike viewc and viewc32, viewcs and viewcs32 do not depend on any environment variables. The only input needed is the binary viewfile specified in its command line.

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