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Command Reference

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viewdis, viewdis32(1)


viewdis, viewdis32—View disassembler for binary viewfiles.


viewdis viewobjfile . . . viewdis32 viewobjfile . . .


viewdis disassembles a view object file produced by the view compiler and displays view information in viewfile format. In addition, it displays the offsets of structure members in the associated structure.

One or more viewobjfiles (with a.V suffix) can be specified on the command line. By default, the viewobjfile in the current directory is disassembled. If this is not found, an error message is displayed.

Because the information in the viewobjfile was obtained from a match of each fieldid and field name in the viewfile with information in the field table file, it is important to set and export the environment variables FIELDTBLS and FLDTBLDIR.

The output of viewdis looks the same as the original view description(s), and is mainly used to verify the accuracy of the compiled object view descriptions.

viewdis32 is used for 32-bit FML. It uses the FIELDTBLS32 and FLDTBLDIR32 environment variables.

See Also

viewc, viewc32(1)

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